Just an ooc type - I've been tempted to make an RP/ask blog awhile myself but it's been for-bloody-ever since I have. Any advice about getting started/established?

i hope you don’t mind if i answer this publicly in case anyone else has a similar question!

to be honest, i don’t have a lot of experience with this stuff. but i can try to give you a few tips on starting/running an ask blog!

  • first of all, this is pretty obvious but when you set up your blog make all the links super easy to get to. you know those themes where you have to search for 40 years to find someone’s ask button? yeah, don’t do that.
  • tag your posts with tags people tend to track! i usually tag posts on this blog with #borderlands, #borderlands 2, #mechromancer, and #gaige. remember, your post will only show up in the first five tags it’s tagged with.
  • be active! the more you talk to people, show off your stuff, and post in the tags, the more attention you’ll get. (basically don’t be like me and never ever update)
  • don’t feel obligated to answer every single one of your asks. answer the ones that you will enjoy answering. same goes for rping with people. you’re doing this for fun, after all :)
  • make sure to stay in character!!! i can’t stress this enough. you know what really bothers me? when i find a blog with awesome artwork/writing but the character is being reaaalllyy ooc. research your character. pay attention to their speech patterns. what is important to them? what makes them tick?
  • if you’re drawing, don’t freak out if your drawing isn’t perfect. chances are no one will realize you forgot to color in gaige’s belt buckle (woops) or you didn’t draw axton’s little forehead thing. again, this is for fun so don’t worry about it!
  • same goes for writing! but i’m not much of a writer or an rper, so i can’t give a lot of advice about that. just post what you want and don’t stress about it.
  • link to your personal blog! some people will want to meet the person behind your amazing creation.
  • just have fun!!!

i hope this little bit of info helps! good luck in your rp/ask blog adventures!

((i am really sorry that i haven’t updated this blog in 3 friggen weeks. i’ve had lots of school and family issues to deal with recently and i just haven’t had time to draw at all. i’m hoping to get back on schedule soon, though. in the meantime, enjoy this gif.))

Happy Hearts Day, followers! I love all 117 of you <3

Hey, mod! I really like this blog, but how often are you planning to update?

((thank you! my goal is to update at least every weekend, but sometimes stuff gets in the way. this weekend there probably won’t be an update since i’m working on several research papers. sorry!))


…I kinda forgot about the whole “strong enough to smash concrete” thing.

You might need to see Zed about finding you a new arm. Just make sure he doesn’t give you, like, a spiderant leg or something.

((Not a question or anything, but this is totally awesome. Plain and simple. Your art is awesome, Gaige is awesome, and I can't wait to see where this blog will go. Gaige was the reason I bought Borderlands 2, and she's the only character I play. Hopefully I'll come up with a good enough question for you to use sometime! Until then, I'll just sit back and enjoy anything you put out!))

((Aww, thank you so much! This is such a sweet message. I’m really glad you like this blog and I hope you’ll continue to like it as it goes on. Getting asks like this always makes me super happy. <3))


Zer0 said I look like a “fucked up Sailor Moon.”

((dang, i wasn’t expecting this much attention right off the bat! i’ll get cracking on all these awesome questions asap. y’all are amazing!!))

Hey, this blog is officially open! Me and Deathtrap are waiting on you guys to ask us stuff, so come on!

I'm Gaige. Mechromancer, youngest vault hunter, child genius, and all around badass. Ask me stuff!

((this blog is pretty much dead im so sorry))

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